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Refosco di Faedis – Plenty in Reserve

We recently stopped by the Elvio Zani Winery in Faedis, to meet with Claudio Zani, to chat a little more about Refosco di Faedis Reserves and to check out his winery’s ‘thriving’ 120 year old ‘Vigneto Storico’ vineyard.

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KARST – Hostile Rock & Soul

The Karst Earth … or should we say Hostile Rock, requires a total hands-on approach, everywhere. If you want to do anything, you have to dig and shift stones. Sommelier, Eros Longhin, kindly does some diggin’ on our behalf :)

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Emilio Bulfon is one of our worlds enduring NATIVEGRAPE HEROES. He’s one of the few who journeyed to the ‘vanishing point’ to recover Friuli’s forgotten bounty. Big descriptor, you say? Yeah well, we save it for the truly worthy.

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For the 17th consecutive year, the Casanova Premio once again brought the Collio’s rolling hills to life with a splendid evening of cultural exchange and debate. Not to mention a WAKE-UP CALL !

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In turning the clock back, Cantina Produttori Cormons have simultaneously turned it forward. Back to the future you might say? Well, following a 5 year repose, the release of its Vintage 2017 announces the long-awaited return of ‘VINO DELLA PACE’.

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