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A little light info to get us all started on ABRUZZO, thanks to:

Regional Vineyard:

Total Vineyard Size:

32,500 hectares | total regional vineyard including quality wines, table wines & table grapes

Dedicated to Quality:

15,842 hectares | dedicated to producing grapes for Quality wines

Notable Cru/Zones:


Colline Teramane*

The only DOCG in Abruzzo containing min 90% Montepulciano ‘Abruzzo native variety with a max of 10% Sangiovese

Controguerra *

You will find native Quality here but you’ll have to search for it among other regional and international varietals. Sparkling wines too.

Ortona *

Interesting spot. Look out for Montepulciano’s with min 95% variety or Trebbiano Abruzzo with min 70% of the variety.


Teate *

In this sottozona of the Montepulciano DOC, they start with min 90% Montepulciano. But look for it in purezza.

Terre di Causaria *

In this ottozona, here we’re talking 100% mono-varietal Montepulciano reds

Terre dei Peligni *

Another subzone of the Montepulciano DOC area where we’re talking reds with min 95% Montepulciano

Terre dei Vestini *

Again, another subzone of the regional DOC where the wines start with min 90% Montepulciano.

Tullum (Terre Tollesi) *

Ancient wine producing area. One of the smallest DOC’s in Italy with distinctive terroir & climate. All sorts including internationals and natives from other neighbouring Italian regions.


Min 95% Montepulciano with the DOC also classifying a Riserva. Quality here is becoming interesting.

Wine Style/Quality:

% Red


% White



From 2013 figures, it’s estimated 39.7% of wines produced in Abruzzo were according to EU DOP/PDO Quality standards. The region produces *9 DOP wines – *1 DOCG & *8 DOC. The regions 10 IGP classified wines account for 10.3% while Table wines account for 50%.


As always, a number of the regions native grape varieties are used only for blending purposes. That said, we’ve listed those grapes which we understand are available as mono-varietals or which are important blenders. In Abruzzo’s case, we’re pretty much done and dusted with 4 varieties :) Naturally, as we make our own discovery, we’ll update these lists.



We’ve got everything to learn about this variety


A native red of increasingly great distinction, Montepulciano accounts for 50% of Abruzzo’s regional wine prodution.



Still looking to taste

Trebbiano Abruzzese*

As a youthful white, Trebbiano Abruzzese is rising to the Quality challenge. Light & fresh with anything from citrus to tropical fruit. Nice minerality. One varietal definitely worth your while looking out for.

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vintage information

All data is intended to be for indicative purposes only as naturally it varies from vintage to vintage. But we try to keep ourselves reasonably updated :)

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