5 April 2015


No ordinary location, the historic Castello di Susans in Majano, Friuli Venezia Giulia provided a magnificent backdrop for Roberto Cipresso’s much awaited ‘Sinestesie’ tasting.

While quality wine-making is a pretty complex game, Roberto’s approach helps to simplify and focus our thinking. As one of the founding players behind Tuscany’s‘WINECIRCUS‘, he explains you’ve got to feel the wine, to make the wine. And what he feels for his wines comes across immediately in his enlightened work. And when we say ‘WORK’, what we actually mean is ‘ART‘.

From Tuscany to Calabria, Piemonte to Veneto, and as far afield as South America, Roberto has brought his intuition and skill to bear on the full spectrum of terrains and native grape varieties. Each wine he creates has its own unique sense but all have the ‘signature of the artist’ himself. Carved into the very structure of the wine, Roberto brings a sublime elegance to every “MOSTO” he lays his hands on.

It’s no wonder he’s in such demand. But it’s not any market demand that he’s working to meet. Rather, he’s tuning the dial to connect with his own desires and emotions. This guy is producing wines for the absolute love of it. And you can taste it. While wine is often spoken of in colourful terms, Roberto also seeks out the Black & White mechanics of his creations, as each one ticks over underneath its colour-fuelled external bonnet. And one gets the overwhelming sense that it’s the emotional link between colour, bouquet and life that forms part of this ‘sinestesia’ that Cipresso sees and feels.

Complex as his wines undoubtedly are, it’s also their openness and approach-ability that gives them their global appeal. And this natural, welcoming, personality comes directly from the maker himself.

The 8 remarkable red wines we tasted were all Italian blends (some traditional and others not so). All featured native grapes and all stood out as wines of their time. And by that we mean TODAY…..the PRESENT. Infact, taking this notion of the ‘present’, one could consider each Cipresso wine as a personal gift reaching out in individualistic ways to touch our very soul.

It’s funny how, when wine commentators speak about wine-making in the OLD WORLD and the NEW WORLD, the conversation often develops into a “them” and “us” discussion. But when people like Roberto produce wines, they have the ability to unite all persuasions of thought. His wines are “key-like”, unlocking doors to a new level of appreciation. Not just an appreciation of ‘WINE’, but of ‘LIFE’ itself because in each Cipresso wine you’ll find a blend of the OLD, the NEW and the NOW.

It was a much ‘enchanted evening’ that Roberto and his WINECIRCUS team gloriously kicked into life…. ‘e la vita è bella’…..and the message was we need to appreciate it more in the ‘NOW’. We shouldn’t shy away from showing our appreciation for the amazing goodness that surrounds us. Loved ones, family, friends, nature, culture, history, food, music and of course…..Grapes and Wine.

What Cipresso does is out of the ordinary! So, take note the next time he brings his WINECIRCUS to your town, wherever it may be, don’t delay! Get yourself a ticket… Fast!

Roberto’s selection was tasted in the following order:

  1. Tenuta San Basilio – Rosso Fenice 2011 – Vò Euganeo – Colli Euganei, Veneto
  2. Winecircus – Pigreco 2011 – Montalcino, Toscana
  3. Logonovo – CinqueperLognovo 2011 – Montalcino, Toscana
  4. Cantina Lento – Dragone 2011 – Calabria Rosso – Calabria
  5. Rivetti Massimo – Grassino 2010-Langhe Rosso – Piemonte
  6. Winecircus – La Quadratura del Cerchio 2010 – Montalcino, Toscana
  7. Le Torri – Magliano 2008-Baberino Val D’Elsa – Toscana
  8. Roberto Cipresso – La Quadratura del Cerchio 2006 – Montalcino, Toscana

To improve your feel, uncork any Cipresso masterpiece and kick back with Eels – Ordinary Man (from Hombre Lobo), because ROBERTO CIPRESSO is NO ORDINARY MAN and his are certainly NO ORDINARY WINES.

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