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Change & Resistance – VinNatur 2019

There comes a time in all our lives when we must face ‘Change and Resistance’. With growing maturity and self-assurance, VinNatur 2019 has faced up and grabbed both by the proverbial horns.

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Reflecting upon our latest natural wine experience, let’s be brief. VINNATUR 2018 proved to be a much needed tonic. An injection of growth vibes with a refreshingly real feel. Natural. Palpable. Tangible. Grounded.

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VINITALY 50 Plus 1

Trumpets at the ready…it’s almost that time of year again for the annual pilgrimage to the Pavilions of VeronaFiere. Yes, Vinitaly, the biggest Italian Wine Fair in the Universe, is a monstrous machine of viticultural & oenological dreams. And then some.

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THENATIVEGRAPES SPIRIT of SHARING is delighted to bring a new feature to our blog… YOU…Yes, YOU. With his inaugural post, let’s toast our newest Italian native grape hunter… THE FEX :)

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No ordinary location, no ordinary man and no ordinary wines. Suffice to say that Roberto Cipresso gives us a unique WINECIRCUS masterclass. Oh yeah !

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