February 2016



No surprise that our native grape adventures continue to bring us back to Italy’s Piemonte.
After all it is a grape paradise for the ‘Lost & Found’. And man, we enjoyed the bite of a seriously happenin’ Great White.

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When is a Grechetto not a Grechetto ? So there we were, out and about, spinning our wheels, when we chanced upon an Umbrian Grechetto. Not having tasted a 100% varietal of this native Italian white, we thought let’s give it a blast. Afterall, it’s what adventurous native grape people do, right ?

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Nero di Troia & Northern Soul

Native to northern Puglia, this ancient bloom dusted, dark blue/black grape, with its relatively compact bunches of thick-skinned, round berries, has for centuries been more associated with being a ‘BLENDER’ than with ‘100%’ varietals.

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