August 2016



THENATIVEGRAPES SPIRIT of SHARING is delighted to bring a new feature to our blog… YOU…Yes, YOU. With his inaugural post, let’s toast our newest Italian native grape hunter… THE FEX :)

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Vinibuoni d’Italia 2017

A couple of weeks back we had the good fortune to attend the ‘AFTERS’ party to celebrate the Vinibuoni d’Italia guides top awards for 2017, which took place at the Villa Toppo Florio in Buttrio. A Night of CORONA’s ! No folks, we’re not talkin’ Mexican beer :)

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A LITTLE rattled near HUM

It was a round about trip over the hill from Ruttars to San Floriano and down to Lenzuolo Bianco. This part of the world has been home to the Gravner family for centuries. We should add that our ageing navigator hasn’t been updated in a decade because we’ve learned that often the accidental road ‘less-travelled’ brings with it an unexpected lifetime of surprises.

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