March 2017


Where is the LOGIC?

Based in Piemonte, our guest writer Amanda Courtney is on a cross border mission in Liguria, where the subject regularly turns to one in particular… Vermentino or Pigato? Pigato or Vermentino?

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Refosco di Faedis – The Primeurs

The wine world eye’s are currently steering their gaze upon the city of Bordeaux as the 2016 ‘Primeur’ tasting season gets into full swing. But they’re not the only ones to dip and sip from the #V16 barrels.

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At the MOROSO Table

At the MOROSO Tasting Table, PIGNOLO never ceases to amaze us. We’re stoked to have been able to add 11 new entries!!

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PIGNOLO 3D goes 4D

Yes, PIGNOLO is about to enter yet another new dimension in space, approaching as we are our 4th Degustazione (4D Tasting) in the series to uncover the real significance of this magical, micro, power-packed, bloomed dark berry from Friuli.

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