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ETNA Review #2 In Love We Can

We were photographing the brass plate at the entrance to the Tenuta delle Terre Nere cellar, when across the courtyard strolled Marco de Grazia. Now we’d never met him before. But we knew it was Marco, it must be.

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ETNA Review #1 Hot Thoughts

Frank Cornelissen is a force of nature.
It’s no surprise how he gravitated to work on a Volcano. Yet he’s no vulcanologist.

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Le Contrade dell Etna

Originally imagined some 10 years ago by the pioneering Andrea Franchetti, the event known as Le Contrade dell’ Etna has just celebrated it’s 10th Edition!

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The mere mention of the ‘word’ conjures up fearful images of a destructive potential so immense that its almost impossible to comprehend its capacity to create something of, well….Beauty!

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It’s an absolute hot bed of activity. Literally!
Vineyards, established on the side of an active VOLCANO.
Are they serious? Yes, they are.

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