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ETNA Review #6 How to Realise Potential

ETNA is a phenomenon.
A ‘hotbed’ of so much rare, untapped, volcanic potential.
So when did they and we realise it?

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ETNA Review #2 In Love We Can

We were photographing the brass plate at the entrance to the Tenuta delle Terre Nere cellar, when across the courtyard strolled Marco de Grazia. Now we’d never met him before. But we knew it was Marco, it must be.

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Where is the LOGIC?

Based in Piemonte, our guest writer Amanda Courtney is on a cross border mission in Liguria, where the subject regularly turns to one in particular… Vermentino or Pigato? Pigato or Vermentino?

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Time Time Time

Is it a grape, is it a wine…NO, IT’s a BYRD !!

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