Time. Time. Time.
See what’s become of me.

Yes indeed.
The wait is almost over. Time to leave the hazy shade of winter behind. The 2016 BUDS are beginning to show, soon the GRAPES will grow and the clocks will then tick, some for many years,
’til it’s time for the ’16 WINES to flow.

It’s the perpetual waiting game really. Here @THENATIVEGRAPES while waiting, our dial is permanently set to Discover and Share…ancient grapes and vintage wines, old & new sounds.


So we’re chillin’, tuning in and hanging out with The Bunch, waitin’ for whatever will happen next when, out of the baby blue, a Byrd in a distant land tweets… ‘HEY …Wait for me’. So we did.

Proof positive that Byrd’s can sing.
Mark your VINTAGE BYRD charts now @ http://jrbyrd.com/

Shout out also for Paula Goddard Art
You’ll never throw out your old tapes when you see what she can do with them.

GRAPES. WINE. MUSIC. ART. All birds of a feather :)



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