“My Dad always sought to bring people together.”

That’s how Saša Radikon movingly described to us his motivation for creating this soul-filled December evening in memory of his father Stanko, who sadly left us much too early last September 2016.

A young man with a gentle yet powerful presence, Saša has clearly inherited his Dad’s sensibility and talent for generating waves of ‘togetherness’.

This was an evening where one most certainly needed to go with the ebb and flow. Surfing through the masses of well-wishers, we found ourselves amongst 33 of Italy’s most courageous winemakers. Women and men, who like Stanko and Saša, have charted personal courses through uncharted waters: arguably all reaching some of the worlds most unique oenological shores. And from near and far they came, to remember Stanko, who like them was a true pioneer who constantly strove to determine, understand and expand his outer limits.

One exceptional native grape after another, we rolled to the rhythm of a host of outstanding lives in wine.
From Ribolla Gialla, Pignolo and Malvasia Istriana to the likes of Vitovska, Nosiola, Teroldego, Sangiovese, Nero d’Avola and Frappato, for us this became one of those real life moments. Honestly, no matter what one’s walk of life may be, we all benefit from rejuvenating encounters like this.

You don’t often get a chance to meet your heroes, they say. Yet on this night you could say we did with the likes of Gravner, Foradori, Occhipinti, Cos, Kante, La Castellada, Primosic and Zidarich all in attendance. Not to mention our discovery of so many new producers.

Sadly we never had the good fortune to meet Stanko Radikon. And in the same breath, nor did we ever have the opportunity to meet the equally creative forces of David Bowie, Prince or Leonard Cohen. But you know something, the beauty of each legacy is that we still have the chance to sample their courageous, ground breaking works!

Yes, many, many beautiful waves reached their shore in 2016. And you know, one day, so too will ours. And so on quiet reflection, our small wonder is this…at this time of the year, do you think their might be any gift more precious than ‘TIME’ itself… time spent sharing wonderful yet fleeting moments in the company of loved ones and friends?

We think not ;)

So let us raise a glass ‘TO’ and ‘FOR’ you ALL!

‘TOGETHERNESS’, let this be the new wave that washes over each of us in the coming Year.
~ To Stanko
~ To Saša and family
~ To Courageous, Adventurous, Winemakers everywhere!
~ To the Waves and Conor O’Brien’s Villagers
~ Peace & Love! Živijo!

THE WAVES – Villagers

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