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At the MOROSO Table

At the MOROSO Tasting Table, PIGNOLO never ceases to amaze us. We’re stoked to have been able to add 11 new entries!!

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Uncorking a bottle of Giuseppe Sedilesu ‘Mamuthone’ 2013, quite literally, we opened ourselves to another world. Mamoiada in the heart of the mountainous Barbagia, north central Sardinia, not far from Nuoro. It’s the home of those ancient masked Mamuthones. It’s also Cannonau country.

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PIGNOLO 3D is once again shifting through the gears. It’s a murky, misty, mornin’, early Feb 2017 and our little Red 500 nimbly turns through the final foggy hairpins on our way up to meet Saša Radikon.

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The New Frontier

Hugging the border between Austria and Hungary is where you’ll find BURGENLAND, something of a New Frontier for Austria’s winemakers. Not new in the sense of wine-making, but rather in the way that everything strikingly starts turning from WHITE to RED.

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Our history making ‘JAMM’ session with the ‘Masters of Pignolo’ is evolving nicely.
With the 2016 harvest concluded, all the preliminary indicators suggest we’re looking at one of ‘THE’ great Pignolo vintages…. either on or off the record!

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