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In what has been a tumultuous year, with many of our glasses brimful with ongoing worry and concern for what may yet come, accept this as a virtual hug.

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KARST – Hostile Rock & Soul

The Karst Earth … or should we say Hostile Rock, requires a total hands-on approach, everywhere. If you want to do anything, you have to dig and shift stones. Sommelier, Eros Longhin, kindly does some diggin’ on our behalf :)

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Now with a name like Vitovska, some of you might be forgiven for thinking VODKA? Well, we’re happy to confirm, it is a grape and this tasting was to honour the Carso regions only native white.

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NOSIOLA – Native Courage, Bottled.

As half of the legendary ‘Pojer e Sandri’ winemaking double act, Mario Pojer took to the stage at the famous Enoteca di Cormons, in the heart of Friuli’s Collio region to present us with a rare, if not unique, NOSIOLA Vertical.

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“V” for Versatility…& Verdicchio

One of Italy’s top award winning ‘WHITE’ wines, if not the ‘TOP’, is produced from one of its most versatile white natives, VERDICCHIO. Think of it like VER-DIC-YO! You see, it’s the phonetical ‘YO’ that starts to show off this grapes ‘STREET & ROOTS’ feel.

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