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Pignolo is not an immediate wine, it asks to be engaged with, but it is one of those which can set your pulse racing, as only great wines can – says Guest Contributor, Richard Baudains

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Barolo….The Immortal Game

In a quest to prove our ‘loosely based’ comparative theory, we moved our pawns gingerly toward to the sovereign RED fortress of BAROLO in Piemonte, north west Italy.

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Almost 500 years ago, the expert palate of Leonardo Da Vinci determined, “the discovery of a good wine is becoming increasingly better for mankind than the discovery of a new star”. May the SFORZATO be with you!

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Grignolino…. Fly on Little Wing!

When you discover that currently almost 2 million bottles are produced per vintage, you’ve got to ask yourself, what the heck is Grignolino, should I try get my hands on it and, if so, where?

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