PIGNOLO 3D goes “4D”

Yes, PIGNOLO is about to enter yet another new dimension in space,
approaching as we are our 4th Degustazione (aka our 4D Tasting) in the monumental series to uncover the real significance of this magical, micro, power-packed, bloomed black grape from Friuli.

At the end of PIGNOLO 3D we left you, having uncovered and tasted a stunning, palate-puckering selection of 34 PIGNOLO, fresh out of 33 different cellars.

No-one around the hills of eastern Friuli had suggested there would be any more than 20-25 producers. At 33 winery’s we’d already surpassed our wildest expectations. And then some.
Our job was almost done.

WRONG….when something ‘native’ in Friuli grabs hold, it becomes more like a “Call of the Wild”.

And one by one it started again….’On the other side of the hill, have you tried ‘X’ ?’ Eh, nope….. ‘Did you know ‘Y’ makes a top line reserve?’ Eh, nope…. How ’bout ‘Z’s’ small BIO batch, its something special !! And so people, phantasmagorically it’s just rolled on…. pure Word of Mouth! which absolutely makes us Happy Out!

Words and music to our ears!

Folk’s, we can scarcely believe it ourselves… but this week we play host to 11 NEW ENTRIES. Yeah, in the clink of a lead free crystal high stem, we’ve moved on from all the ‘THREES’ to all the ‘FOURS’… 33 to 44 Cellars!!

While stunned, the tasting team are primed to resume their call of duty ‘chairs’ at the creative home of MOROSO HQ together with our regular NIU’ crew on hand including Capt. Daniele Giorgessi who always ensures a smooth well-catered flight.

Now there are at least 44 reasons for producing PIGNOLO on planet Earth.

Naturally we’ll never rule out the possibility for others to exist. At this rate, who knows, we could touch 50 before sun down. This is Friuli Venezia Giulia afterall… one of greatest nativegrape playgrounds anywhere on this side of the Milky Way…. THIS IS THE THING!!!

Stay tuned for PIGNOLO 4D updates…names, numbers and a little more besides. Lovin’ FINK & Mahogany Sessions :)


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