At the MOROSO Tasting Table
never ceases to amaze us.

A black grape unlike most others, it’s tiny, sweet, relatively thick-skinned berries pack a tannic punch and grip that make it one of worlds most enigmatic varieties from which both the curious and the brave
strive to make worthy wines.

Ask every producer whose trying. It takes time.

A serious amount of time, which means a serious amount of patience. So far the history books recount the work of two of Friuli’s first movers, Dorigo and Filiputti. They’ve managed it successfully but not necessarily with every harvest!!

Indeed the 1999 is still considered by many as the benchmark PIGNOLO vintage. It certainly paved the way for the many would be’s who now follow. Theirs is the continuous challenge to meet the idiosyncratic needs of perhaps Friuli’s least-well-understood grape.

At PIGNOLO 4D, we’re stoked to have been able to add 11 New Entries to our crew including:

Canus ’10 – Castello Sant’Anna ’09 – Comelli Paolino ’10 – Dri Il Roncat ’09 – Mulino delle Tolle ’11 – Denis Pizzulin ’11 – Radikon ’04 – Rocca Bernarda ’11 – Sergio Scarbolo ’11 – Villa Rubini ’10 – Zorzettig ’11

On this occasion, tasting across the 4 vintages, we got another classic insight into the current well being of PIGNOLO.

Indeed that’s what our 3D & 4D tastings were designed to achieve. Our’s has been a comprehensive experience across the current vintage releases which show that PIGNOLO is in rude health.

Difficult though they may be to track down, on sale, somewhere on the planet, you’re gonna find at least
45 Pignolo’s spanning #9 consecutive vintages, all the way down from #V12 to #V04.

In themselves, all 45 wines we’ve tasted tell us much about the diversity in Terroir and Cellar approach, where winemakers clearly have individual and diverse views on everything from vinification techniques, barrel use and bottle ageing before release. No shortage of innovation and effort being expended to harness this variety’s true potential.

Yeah, PIGNOLO, there’s no denying your learning curve is a steep one.

But you know you’ve got so much to offer at the Table, the timing is ripe….
soon you’ll have ‘everyone talkin’…

Taking our cue from the man himself, JAMES HERSEY !
Cheers too Mahogany Sessions !

Everyone’s Talking – James Hersey

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