Seriously trippy….
have drawn to a creative close

Intense, complex and mighty, mighty fine is how we’d express the uniqueness of our sessions over the past week.

A hugely appreciative shout out to Patrizia Moroso, Roberto Moroso and Christian Tomadini for your collective encouragement, support and inspiration. And for letting YOUR HOUSE become OUR HOME for this historic gathering. A special note to Julianna (in the MOROSO Design Studio) for your patience and stellar assistance in setting the dramatic scene for our PIGNOLO Theatre of Dreams !

Sincere thanks too must go to Niù – Daniele Giorgessi, Romina di Doi and Danny. Awesome work folks….your
super stemware and sustenance ensured our troops stayed on track throughout.

And speaking of which, to our trusty tasting CREW, we applaud you for responding valiantly to this major CALL OF DUTY …. in alphabetical order Ferruccio Corso, Romina di Doi, Claudio Fabbro, Enzo Fedel, Walter Filiputti, Ada Freire, Ben Little, Eros Longhin, Matteo Lovo, Raffaele Schneider and Christian Tomadini.
Take a well earned bow, one and all!!


…and so we wish to once again send our upbeat thanks to all of the courageous 33 PIGNOLO producers who’ve embraced this adventure with OPEN HEARTS & OPEN MINDS

…in alphabetical-ish order…

– Tenuta di Angoris – Valentino Butussi – Borgo San Daniele – Castello di Buttrio – Eugenio Collavini – Giorgio Colutta Wines – Gianpaolo Colutta – Conte D’Attimis Maniago – Dario Coos – Cozzarolo GB – Alessio Dorigo –
Ermacora – Livio Felluga – Adriano Gigante – Josko Gravner – Jermann – La Viarte – Livon – Valerio Marinig – Michele Moschioni – Petrucco – Rodaro Paolo – Il Roncal – Ronco delle Betulle – Ronchi di Cialla – Ronchi di Manzano – Sant’ Elena – Specogna – Torre Rosazza – La Tunella – Andrea Visintini – Le Vigne di Zamò – Daniele Zof –

TASTING BLIND OPENS THE MIND….of that there is not doubt. Try it with friends.

As for us, we’re off to spend a little time in our ‘contemplation chamber’ to harvest our thoughts and ideas before illuminating all of you guys on the next phase of our 360° PIGNOLO 3D review.

In the meantime, here’s a few pics and a little ‘HAM SANDWICH’ to keep your hunger for knowledge momentarily at bay…


‘Illuminate’ – Ham Sandwich

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