Modern History
of Italian Wine.

Simple…if there’s another history book of equal brilliance on the subject of Italian wine, then as yet we haven’t read it. Edited by the great Walter Filiputti himself, this newly published tome is in many ways a personal, indeed personable, record recounting first-hand how the early days of modern wine-making in Italy got itself one mother of an overhaul.

And it all began in the 60’s.

What an amazing time it was too when countless new players, movers and shakers spontaneously began to do their ‘THANG’.

We’re talking serious discovery of style and substance…. like…. Acrylic Paint! – The Audio Cassette! – The Beatles! – The CD! – The Mini Skirt! – Luigi Veronelli! – Pink Floyd! – Sassicaia! – Man landing on the Moon! ….. and pretty much in that order too :)

Split into 3 parts, ‘The Modern History of Italian Wine’ documents what we’d call the ‘inside out’ story of Italian winemaking, one that successfully transports all of us ‘outsiders’ in.

From commerce to cuisine and every possible winemaker in between, Walter Filiputti and his editorial team successfully guide us from those heady days in the early 60’s and 70’s right up to the present day. Rich contributions from countless luminaries speaking about creative and commercial necessity, courage, obligation, innovation, diversity and cultural identity.

No doubt about it, historical depths are being ploughed in this biblical album.

It is a veritable oenological spin through one of the most spectacular ‘Gardens of Eden’ you’re ever likely to set foot in. From vineyards to vines, from wines to politics (this is Italy), Filiputti and his courageous ‘crew’ have forged this masterful key unlocking in the process many of Italia’s historical doors to taste…

Lying within, you’ll uncover a banquet of knowledge and fact, infused with LEGEND and let’s say it…. LOVE!!… Intra-vinous births, deaths and marriages…not to mention the highs and lows of Barolo and Brunello, Rule Makers and Rule Breakers, Label Lovers and Cellar Rats alike….you want it, you got it!

As summaries go, this is a monumental soul filled exchange due in no small part to the fact that Walter Filiputti has lived this fascinating life, as have all his contributors.

What’s in this magnum opus is ABSOLUTELY WORTH KNOWING….this is THE MODERN HISTORY OF ITALIAN WINE…. viewed from pretty much every conceivable angle.

No half measures for us. This book is EXCELLENT… A stellar constellation of Stars ******

(…one for each of the editiorial team – Mario Busso, Walter Filiputti, Davide Rampello, Attilio Scienza and Angelo Solci) plus an extra one for Walter…because having spent 3 years putting this altogether, we reckon he’s worth it.

Honestly, go get it. Now.
Publisher Skira.
Available online through Amazon and the worlds greatest book stores.

P.S. Chapeau to the English translation team… you guys have done real good!

In 1962 legendary bluesman Willie Dixon scripted his musically ground breaking track ‘you can’t judge a book by looking at the cover’…

….because folks, it’s only what you find on the inside that really matters.
The Modern History of Italian Wine ‘IS’ essential material…. all 414 jam-packed pages :)

THE STRYPES – ‘You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover’

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