Trumpets at the ready…it’s almost that time of year again for the Annual Pilgrimage
to the Pavilions of VeronaFiere. Yes, VINITALY, the biggest Italian Wine Fair in the Universe, is a monstrous machine of viticultural & oenological dreams. And then some.

Last year significantly was the 50th Edition for this Showcasing Event.

Approaching the half century, there were those who’d have speculated about its capacity to innovate to maintain its annual relevance. Certainly the past 4 years, and in particular the last 2, have seen development a plenty as event bosses Stevie Kim and Ian D’Agata chart a brand new course to success.

Some sceptics considered the approach a little Lo-fi but there’s no doubting it’s now reached Hi-fi quality with surround sound. Indeed the advent of Vinitaly International in 2013, has played a huge part in rolling out the message to an ever increasing global audience.

So what have we got on our dance card for 2017 ?

Apart from the Ocean of #nativegrapes to sample, we’re setting our compass for Pavilion 8 which for the 4 days of the show will play home to ViViT (Vigne, Vignaioli, Terroir) featuring small artisan winemakers from Italy and around the world. We like the way these curators of vine and wine are bringing the discussion back to nature.

And they say Birds of a feather, flock together.

So also in Pavilion 8 we’re hoping to find the nesting ground of the Fairs latest innovation, ‘VinitalyBio’, which is specifically for certified biologic and biodynamic producers. Nice.

Speaking of things ‘au-naturel’, while not happening during the Fair days, as part of the Fringe, their will be the next installment of ‘Wine Without Walls’.

The great Alice Feiring herself will chair the competition to select the best of the ‘nothing added but care and attention’ wines. Yes, natural wines look set to steal yet more of the limelight from those who are considered their conventional peers. Our own humble hopes are that a genuine understanding of the importance of natural wines will continue to grow from this initiative.

We hear Piemonte and Sardegna have increased their space and Toscana too is apparently getting a rejig. Did we say there’ll be wall to wall #nativegrapes, the most to be found anywhere this side of the European summer ? And hey, we’ll be keeping digits crossed for a few pleasant surprises along the way including trying out the New Vinitaly App to guide us.

We are all +1 year older…

…but our Walkin’ boots are as ready as ever… one of these days folks!
Out of curiosity, it was Feb’ 1966 (50+1 years ago) when Nancy Sinatra released her ground breaking track.

Proof positive that when combined together, Style & Substance endure forever ;-)

Are you ready ‘BOOTS’…start walkin’….


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