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At the MOROSO Table

At the MOROSO Tasting Table, PIGNOLO never ceases to amaze us. We’re stoked to have been able to add 11 new entries!!

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PIGNOLO 3D goes 4D

Yes, PIGNOLO is about to enter yet another new dimension in space, approaching as we are our 4th Degustazione (4D Tasting) in the series to uncover the real significance of this magical, micro, power-packed, bloomed dark berry from Friuli.

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You cannot be serious…
33 PIGNOLO? Yes, dear people.
Infact we are quite serious….serious in a thick-skinned, small spherical black-berried, kinda way. Like who knew there were even 33 ? Okay…3, 6, 9, 12, maybe 15….but never 33 ! Surely not !

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A LITTLE rattled near HUM

It was a round about trip over the hill from Ruttars to San Floriano and down to Lenzuolo Bianco. This part of the world has been home to the Gravner family for centuries. We should add that our ageing navigator hasn’t been updated in a decade because we’ve learned that often the accidental road ‘less-travelled’ brings with it an unexpected lifetime of surprises.

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MALVASIA ISTRIANA – Where have you been?

Amazingly good fortune it was to step into an unexpected & quite mind-bending, mini-vertical of Tenuta di Blasig’s Malvasia Istriana. All thanks to Friuli’s legendary enological historian and all-round native grape hero, Claudio Fabbro ;)

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