Pordenonelegge 2021

Festa del libro con gli autori
~ A celebration of books and their authors ~

Wild delight coursed through my veins upon learning of Pignolo Cultivating the Invisible’s selection for inclusion in the 22nd edition of the internationally acclaimed book festival Pordenonelegge.

As book festivals go, this one is an incredible 5-day event in which the town of Pordenone opens its streets, piazze and a wealth medieval architectural beauty to allow lovers of books and bookwriting to experience the joy of being close to the written word and those who have scripted it.

To suddenly find oneself plucked from invisibility, to be placed on a visible stage, is a strangely nourishing feeling. It is afterall what we have worked for. I say WE because in reality this recognition is not for a lone star but for an “as yet” invisible constellation. To be afforded the opportunity to present their story publicly for the first time is one to be treasured, especially in such difficult times.

So, if you think you might be passing through Pordenone on 15 September, please do drop by the suggestive surroundings of the 15th century ex-Convento di San Francesco at 21.00 because that’s where I will be (click the link below for details).

And I won’t be alone because I’ll be chatting with the wonderful Carin Marzaro who creatively directed the books artful elements into its stunning compilation. Together we’ll be under the guiding light of Gabriele Giuga who will direct the literary proceedings.

Pignolo promises it’ll be a deep and loveable experience.
See you there!
A presto

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