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Check out David Schildknecht’s wonderful review of Pignolo Cultivating the Invisible for Issue 75 / 2022 of The World of Fine Wine Magazine

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Jancis Robinson Review PIGNOLO CTI

I think I’ve written, and rewritten, this review at least five times. Nothing I say can do this book justice. It’s a book like no other book I have reviewed – so says Tamlyn Currin in her review on

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Pordenonelegge Book Festival 2021

Wild delight coursed through my veins upon learning of Pignolo Cultivating the Invisible’s selection for inclusion in the 22nd edition of the internationally acclaimed book festival Pordenonelegge.

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TOP Taste of Passion Summer Edition

In the Summer 2021 issue, TOP Magazine took a moment to chat with Ben Little about his new book, Pignolo Cultivating the Invisible.

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The Modern History of Italian Wine

SIMPLE….if there’s another history book of equal brilliance on the subject of Italian wine, then as yet we haven’t read it. Edited by the great Walter Filiputti himself, this newly published tome is in many ways a personal, indeed personable, record recounting first-hand how the early days of modern wine-making in Italy got itself one mother of an overhaul.

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